Tilly’s Lockdown Reflection

I’m Tilly and this is the worlds “new normal”. I’ve struggled getting head around the fact that this is how my life is now.

 I don’t know about you but I miss the smell of my  nan and her warming hugs, I miss being a big cousin. I had to meet my new born cousin through facetime!!


Yeah I know this whole pandemic is a struggle for everyone and everyone is sick of going round like its Groundhog Day.


To be totally honest with you, I can not remember the last time I washed my hair. Not because I am being unhygienic but because I’m training my hair to become healthier.

 Lets be serious we aren’t going to shave our legs and wash our hair to impress our dogs and cats.


The moment I knew this was our new normality is when the words, remember your mask and corona being shouted after someone coughs became normal. It isn’t strange to hear these things anymore.

But now I appreciate life more, in some ways we needed this global pandemic to awaken us on the little things.


 I know for me I’ve changed mostly for the good but I do still get snappy as I just sit in my room doing online school.




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