Sophie’s Dog Diary

Lockdown Diary



Hi, I’m Milo! I’m a miniature Schnauzer and I live with my mum, papa, Markus and Sophie. They all call me “Good Boy”.

Before lockdown mum was out 2 days a week at work, papa was out every weekday and sometimes at weekends too. Markus and Sophie were in school Monday to Friday. I was always lonely when they were out, but I loved it when they all came home, and we went walking.

My favourite place to walk was through town. There were always so many smells, people and dogs. There were always lots of hands coming towards me to stroke me. This all changed when we went into lockdown.

There had been talk about the ‘coronavirus’ or ‘COVID-19’ for a while. It was looming in the air everywhere I went. At first lots of people were worried and I saw people carrying extra bags home from the shops. I hoped I had enough dog food and my humans had enough of their foods as I had heard that the shelves were being stripped empty. I didn’t think that the virus was that serious, but obviously, it was!

One day Markus stopped going into school and was doing on-line schooling. I wondered why. I thought it might mean the start of lockdown, but Sophie was still going to school, so it couldn’t mean that, could it?

Well, I was sort of right. A few days after Markus, who was in year 9 stopped going into school, lockdown was announced. Time around me stood still for a while. Almost every day was just the same.

Papa who was a radiologist, worked from home most days of the week. Mum, however, who was a respiratory nurse specialist, still went to work and was working more than she ever had. Markus and Sophie did online schooling. I didn’t know why they chose to do online schooling instead of spending the whole day playing with me. Though, they did play with me at break time and lunchtime. We played outside with my toys. It was hot during lockdown, so I lay on the grass in the cool shade while Markus and Sophie played and climbed trees.

Hardly anyone ever went into town anymore. I had seen pictures of cities on the news that were empty like a ghost town. I think it was like that in Oswestry. If people did go out into town or cities, most people would wear a mask. I hadn’t been to town for ages, and I wanted to chase the pigeons and smell all the smells again. My life was getting better though…

Soon enough I was allowed to go upstairs. I found the best spot in the house up there as well. Markus’ sofa is perfect to stand up against and get a view into the street and our garden. They put pillows and blankets down for me to lie on and be comfortable.

Finally, I’m allowed to go on their beds. One night I sleep with Markus and the next, I sleep with Sophie, and so on. I lie on their legs so I can feel that they are there, and it keeps me warm.

Everyone started playing with me more. I could wander into their rooms with a toy, and they would just start playing with me. Markus seemed to have the most amount of free time while Sophie was often drowning in assignments.

Every evening I went for a long walk through the top fields with all my humans. We walked through the fields near our home, I loved to run in the long grass and Markus and Sophie would hide in it and we would play hide and seek. We saw so many people out and becoming more active.

If we saw anyone, we stood on the street and talked to them while they stood in their doorway. It was the same if people visited us.

For most people life in lockdown was endless boredom. Every day was the same. It was like someone had pressed the repeat button and their lives were on a repeat loop. It wasn’t like that for me though; I always have new smells to smell.

Lots of people called their friends and family asking if they needed any help and to check if they were all ok. I think that just because lockdown is over acts of kindness like this shouldn’t be.

As lockdown eased people came into the garden and they didn’t just stand on the outside of our gates. They brought their own food, water and blankets and stayed 2 meters apart from my humans. It was great to see people again. I go into town more often now. Some people wear masks, some people don’t. Everyone wears them going into shops unless they have permission not to for health reasons. I don’t think many people are afraid of the virus anymore.

We go out for picnics with friends. We’ve been to visit grandma and grandad again and we sat outside in the garden with them. Papa visited Opa in Germany but me and my other humans are not sure when we will be able to see him again.

Things were getting better, but cases have started to rise again. My humans are hoping we don’t go into another lockdown, but I wouldn’t mind it. Afterall, my life was just great during lockdown.


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