Solomon Reflects on Lockdown


My friends are talking about this thing called coronavirus, but I don’t have a clue what it is. I try to ask them but I don’t really understand, all I really understand is “why don’t you watch the news”. But to be honest I would much rather be outside in my garden in my own world waving sticks around(because why not). I don’t hear mum and dad talk about. It’s probably nothing to worry about, we have had much worse things like: the flu, the Spanish flu or the plague.


Bah, it will only be for like 2 months, that’s not very long. Also I don’t have to go to school YAY! But I still have to attend it L. I already miss my I have to say though, BIG welldone to at the NHS, they are amazing.


Being truthful now, I am actually missing school (CRAZY). Mainly because of my Also I was wrong to think that this would last only 2 months very wrong. I am scared and I bet everyone else is too. Home schooling is certainly not better than school although I thought It would be, at least I get a cuppa or 2


Finally it feels like it’s coming to an end, although I know it’s I can now see family in gardens. It’s a start (slow and steady wins the race). I can’t go on holiday yet but I am sure I can soon. Until then we have to keep a cool head and remain cautious. I am sure it will all be over eventually.


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