Oliver’s Lockdown Diary

It’s the day after school closed, because they say the Corona virus has come to our area. I am not sure how I am feeling about it, but I am a little excited that I am not at school. But I don’t think mum and dad are feeling the excitement of me not being there.  Mum has been put on something called furlough which means she gets stay at home, and dad is going to have to work from home in the bedroom on a make shift desk, which means we are not allowed to be loud as he can hear us.


By now covid is all over the news and it is not looking good because we have the first death from the virus. Boris Johnson has told us all to stay home, wash our hands and stay indoors. So this means that we do not get to see our families or friends. But we have stoked up on the old Toilet rolls and hand sanitizer ect….. thanks mum.


At least we got sunny weather and I’ve asked dad if we could have the pool in the garden, he said yes but we have to wait until the weekend. But I can still go for a bike ride round the block. Not much school work at the moment as the summer holidays are just round the corner. Good news ha ha just kidding.


It’s only been 4 weeks but mum said it feels like 4 years. When the tele is on its all about covid, I try not to listen that much as it’s makes me worried about what is going to happen to us all in the future. But mum said not to worry to much as we will get there in the end and will all be back to normal soon.


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