Life in Lockdown ~ Matilda

Life in Lockdown

By Matilda


I first heard about coronavirus around December, but I wasn’t at all worried about it. It was only happening in China, so I didn’t think for a second that it could affect us. It was only around February that I realised it could be more important than I had thought…

By March, everyone was watching the news a lot and saying that schools might close. I thought that sounded fun, but I didn’t really think it would happen. But one night, I heard that schools were closing on Friday! I was SO excited, but also annoyed because doing work at home sounded really boring. Everyone said that we would be back by the summer. When the country went into lockdown, it didn’t actually affect me very much, because schools had already closed.

A few months into lockdown, life was really boring. We had loads of online work, and there wasn’t much to do. I couldn’t see my sister, my grandparents or my friends. I missed them sooo much but we texted and facetimed all the time! I painted a mural in my back garden over the easter holidays and I spent hours on my laptop trying to keep busy, but I still couldn’t wait for it to be over.

It was amazing when lockdown was eased and I was allowed to see my friends again! I went to their gardens a lot as soon as we were allowed and it was quite surreal to actually be talking to real life people rather that communicating through a screen. I loved being allowed to see my grandparents, and even walking past strangers in the street was brilliant, even with the addition of facemasks and social-distancing. I’d almost forgotten what normality  felt like! I hope that soon, everything will go back to the way it used to be. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


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