Lockdown Poem

Streets quieter than Christmas day,
Fear in the eyes behind the masks,
Sanitize then stand on your spot,
Queue to consume, then get home to isolate.

Old ladies tired of living like this give up and die.
Children ask Mums am I allowed to hold your hand?
Friends shy from hugs and kisses,
Daily statistics numb the brain and heart

When will it end? The confusion causes madness,
Will we forget what normal ever was?
Released from a lab, but blamed on bats,
A virus that affects the rich and poor differently.

No mention of healthy food, love and sunshine,
These things that help our immunity.
Restricting the friendships and happy times,
Economy and work are considered more vital.

These end day times may wake us up.
The political control and compliance machine
Flounders and constricts in its death throes,
A new world emerges, wiser to the games of the puppet masters.






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