Lockdown Diary – Lily

Lockdown Day 1   23rd March 2020

Dear Diary,

Today is the first day that I’m doing schoolwork at home. It feels like the school holidays but we have to do schoolwork.

Yesterday, it was Mother’s Day and we went over to gran’s house next door to give her, her presents. It was a bit strange because we had to stay two metres away from her and we weren’t allowed to go into her house in case we were carrying COVID-19.

We have to try not go anywhere where lots of people will be like the shops. On Saturday, I went to the Co-op but I had to just stay in the car because I couldn’t go in as there were lots of people there.

The last few days have been quite weird as we haven’t been able to go anywhere or see anyone.





Lockdown Day 2   24th March 2020

Dear Diary,

Yesterday it was warm outside so I was outside for a lot of the day. When we had finished all of our schoolwork we did a 30 minute workout with Joe Wicks. We were all really tired afterwards!

Last night, while I was downstairs watching TV, Boris Johnson came on the TV. He was saying that everyone in the country should stay inside and only go out if you need food or medicine. He said you need to do one form of exercise a day and shops that don’t sell necessary items will close today.




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