Lockdown Diary ~ James

Lockdown diary

Before lockdown I’m sure most of us wanted lockdown for one reason only. NO SCHOOL! Life was pretty normal with the occasional mention of Coronavirus on the news. It was just a normal march until one Thursday evening when they announced complete lockdown. No school, no homework this was the best or so we thought…

Lockdown was announced

Everything was great until one email changed everything. WE HAD TO DO SCHOOL ONLINE! What everyone thought would be really fun turned out to be quite boring. We would wake up at 8 (or at least we were supposed to) and we would complete our schoolwork in the time of a normal school day.

The day lockdown was announced around 75% of children were probably throwing a party even though it was illegal at the time. On the other hand the parents were pulling their hair out because they had to stay at home and supervise their children who tended to socialise through xboxes.

Lockdown was eased (for a bit)

To be honest I’m not really sure how people felt when lockdown was eased because they eased it gradually and most of us didn’t realise a difference until we had to go back to school. The one thing that is still really annoying is the fact that my football training has been cancelled multiple times and is going to be cancelled for a while.


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