Lockdown Diary ~ Immy

Lockdown Diaries – Immy

 I remember being in form and classes and hearing people talking about this coronavirus in china, we all just kind of shrugged it off because it was in china, basically the other side of the world! So, school continued as normal. And then everybody started talking about how school might close as the situation around the world was not getting better along with the first COVID-19 cases in the UK. But still people were telling us school wouldn’t close, until it did, and we were all excited to miss school not knowing the hell that was lockdown.

Lockdown was weird we all had to stay inside and suddenly everybody became a hoarder and started panic buying. But that was all outside and we were stuck inside. So, there we were sat in front of our screens 6 hours a day online learning – What happened to limiting screen time? Online learning was ok because me and my friends would talk whenever we finished lessons early and at break and lunch.

As lockdown eased me and my friends started to meet up, meeting up with all the restrictions was weird – Outside, with masks, 2 metres apart. It was definitely far from normal, but it was refreshing to see real people again instead of just pixels on a screen. Eventually we turned to school where I wrote the draft of this, and now im here typing this up in the UK’s second lockdown.


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