Lockdown Diary ~Ella

Why is corona even a thing? It’s not even in our country yet – but everyone is panicking about it, buying toilet roll and hand sanitiser till there is none left, I couldn’t even get any the other day! I didn’t think it was that bad. Not many deaths were our way, but who knows how bad it will get? People are losing loved ones in China – and that could be us sooner or later.


It’s March 23rd and Boris Johnson just announced lockdown and its sadder than ever. Many people were psyched to get out of school, but not knowing when we will get out of it, not knowing when we will see our family again. How could we stop this overall? But gosh, I hope everybody is ok.


It’s getting really boring, there is nothing to do and were stuck in our household doing online school. I just want to see my family and friends, I miss everyone so much! How did a virus get so bad – coming from many miles away, and why? I can ‘t wait for it all to go away, I can’t wait to get back to school again. Online school just feels weird.


Finally. You guessed it, it’s easing down again. Honestly, I’ve never been so happy in my life. We’ve gone back to school and I’ve seen all my friends again. It feels normal – except some changes, but we have had one minor change. Yep. Masks. They’re everywhere, where ever you go, you have to wear masks. I just can’t wait until we can go back to normal again – but I don’t think it’ll be soon.


By Ella


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