Lockdown Diary ~ Caitlin

Life in lockdown

By Caitlin

I can barely remember life before lockdown. The days are blurry in my memory. I can only vaguely remember the old school routine and life without masks. The word ‘coronavirus’ just seems normal to me now, looking back, I feel like maybe one of my friends might have mentioned it once in early February. I wasn’t too worried. To me, it sounded like a ridiculous rumor, spread around the school. But it wasn’t.


Lockdown – again, that just seems normal now. 3 months of staying at home. When it was announced I was kind of surprised, like, why would we stay at home for something happening on the other side of the world? I was also really sad, the thought of not seeing my friends everyday was almost unbearable. But another part of me – a very small part – was exited. We were living history!


Then, life turned boring. Online school was a pain, and I missed my friends like crazy. Every day was a repeat of itself. Wake up – Eat breakfast – Do online school – Have dinner – Go to bed. Really, REALLY boring.  I just wanted to go back to school already.


Finally, the day came when lockdown eased. I could see my friends, see my family, go into town. Everything was a lot easier. And now, as Summer turns to Autumn, I can only hope that a sense of normality will return to our community. But, for the moment, all we can do is try to keep ourselves and others safe by washing our hands lots and staying inside our bubbles. However hard the future may seem, we have to stay positive.


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