Lockdown Dairy ~ Alex

Coronavirus Diary

There’s this Coronavirus thing on the news now, and yes, I don’t think much about it- It’s just another virus- like the SARS Coronavirus- which came and went very quickly. But I don’t know, this seems different: the cases in China have escalated very quickly; would it happen in the UK?

In short- it did. In long- around 80 people died today, and today will be a day to keep in mind- this guy called Boris with some amazing hairstyles on TV (famously known as the Prime Minister for those of you in other countries) said that there will be this lockdown, which, in turn, means that there will be no more (yes, you’ve guessed it) SCHOOL! YES! Now I don’t have to do that silly assessment that I had for English on like the end of the world or something like that. Yay!

Bloody hell this new life is depressing- I got like three new games and I’m still bored as hell. The extent to which my boredom got is amazing- I started speedrunning Minecraft and I actually am getting quite good at it. Apart from that, my parents get to stay at home. And one more thing (like they do on those Apple events), online school is super amazing and awesome and cool and all of the describing words that describe good things are not enough to describe how awesome it is (Sarcasm 100 and did I trick you be honest). In reality, it is more boring than you can be by staying in a solitary confinement for like 351 gazillion bazillion years. It is unsocial as well as you may have guessed by the term ‘online’.

Lockdown is finally beginning to ease. You can now go to the shops without getting a £1000 fine and most of them are open, which is a good sign. You still need a facemask (duh) and the toilet paper is readily available nowadays. But school aren’t open still, and I have mixed feelings about that, as everybody that experienced the words ‘Teams’ and ‘Online’ does. But yeah, I mean aside from the fact that this bald guy on TV is warning people that there will be a second peak ( I don’t think there will be (famous last words)), things are really starting to calm down. And seeing how thing are right now, I can’t wait until all of this madness finishes.


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