Life in Lockdown ~ Theo

Life in Lockdown

By Theo.


Corona virus! Or ‘corona’ at school. It’s everywhere. The news, newspapers, hospitals, houses, people and shops. Everyone is scared of it. People are saying its   fake but I am not sure. My mum is worried but my dad thinks is not anything to worry about. What should I believe?

Who could have thought it? Going into lockdown means no school. Could 2020 get any worse? Floods, fires and almost a war, now this… LOCKDOWN. I’m happy about no school and staying in our houses, but we still have to do work on computers, but some schools don’t. I don’t think it’s fair, but my mum thinks it’s a good idea to ‘keep my mind fresh’.

I’m getting pretty fed up of lockdown. The work is just getting harder; I feel I’m drowning in assignments. We are decorating our house so I’ve got something to do other than school work and gaming. I help with the painting and I reckon I’m pretty good.

Finally, everyone is not trapped inside as much as we were. I am currently on holiday in Cornwall and I’m having a great time and its feels a bit ‘normal’. Even though we are allowed out more, we have to wear facemasks to help stop the spread of the virus.

We are finally going back to school!!! I’ am a bit confused on what it will be like. All I know, is we have to wear a mask, sanitise and try and keep our distance from others.


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