Lockdown Diary – Chloe

Having the school to myself:

In a school with 1500 students, being the only pupil in the
school seems like a distant dream however due to the global
pandemic that fantasy became reality. During the midst of
the coronavirus lockdown, because of my parents being
keyworkers, I was sent into keyworker school. I arrived in
school and for once, all I could hear was silence… It felt very
strange. Never did I think I would be standing in the middle
of The Marches School, the biggest school in Shropshire,
without any other pupils bustling around me in deep
conversations or busily rushing to lessons. When it came to
lunch time, I ran up to the top of the school with a football
and decided to try and get the ball in a wheelie bin by
booting it as far as I could, only a few minutes into my
challenge Mr Pritchard, Mr Kemble and Mr Dyke all came to
join in. It was competition time! As a ‘‘pro’’ footballer myself
I got it in first (of course!) Mr Pritchard wasn’t impressed!
The teachers did a great job of looking after me. Now,
whenever I come into school, I remember how eerily quiet
the school was without all the other students, I witnessed an
incredibly unique experience that I can treasure for years to

Chloe Downes, year 9,



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