Cassey’s Lockdown Reflection

Life in lockdown

By Cassey


I keep on hearing about this coronavirus on the telly and I’m not really sure what it is. I know that it is getting really severe in some countries, but here is okay. I know that we need to be careful and aware about what’s going on because I really don’t want us to have to go into lockdown like other countries.


These past few weeks have been horrible. We have just been informed that we are going to have to go into lockdown and the shops are crazy. Every one is panic buying and there is going to be a limit on how many items you can purchase at a time because some people aren’t able to get the items they need.


We are now in lockdown! We are doing online school and it is really weird because I have never done it before. I’m feeling very happy in lockdown because I get to spend a lot of time with my family, go to the countryside, spend more time at our families field and go on bike rides and walk (but only once a day). The only problems with lockdown is that you can only go out if necessary and we can’t see our family like our grandparents and we can’t see our friends either.


Now lockdown has eased I am allowed to see my grandparent but we have to keep socially distanced (2 meters apart). Now pubs, restaurant, hair dressers, gyms and most places are slowly opening back up thankfully. Seen as it’s summer me and my family went for a short break away but we had to still keep to the rules. Now we have to wear masks to go inside shops so that we are all more protected. I am very thankful that lockdown has been eased because we have more freedom again.


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