Abigail Reflects

Life in Lockdown Diary

Life was good, I was enjoying my birthday and continuing my journey in year seven. We were welcoming the New Year in with celebrating, people were going out, shopping pubs and parties. But suddenly it all escalated quickly and corona virus/covid-19 started popping up on the newspapers and on television.

At first when lockdown was announced, I was not bothered. I was thinking, like many of my friends, woohoo no school! But that feeling of excitement changed quickly as I found out I would not be allowed out to see anyone, not my friends, my grandparents and any other family. Initially I was enjoying online school, learning new facts and a different way to study compared to normal school.

I did not think three months would be that bad, spend time at home, with animals and my parents, but three months started to feel like three years just a few weeks in! each week felt the same: wake up, get dressed, sit at your desk and do online school. I felt like I had so many assignments. It was lonely and depressing with occasional perks like online shopping and Netflix marathons!

When lockdown was eased, I thought things would start to go back to “normal” but not much changed. I felt disappointed about that because life had been so dull and limiting. I went to school for a month and saw people and teachers I knew which helped and made me feel happier. I met up and went on walks outside with a friend and it was good to catchup! We were back to a bit of normality.


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