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The Marches School ~ Easter Cards

During lockdown the SEND students in our bubble and SEND staff were very busy being creative. 


They decided to make some hand-crafted Easter cards to sell, with all money raised going to the late Rebecca Davies charity, Diabetes UK.


The students will be working with the access leaders this week to develop thier functional skills and sell these cards.

Lockdown Patio Project

During the first lockdown Mr Walker and his son decided to lay their very own lockdown patio from start to finish, and 10 months later it is still looking good.

The Marches School Rainforest Competition


As part of their Geography topic on ‘Exploring South America’, year 7 students were challenged to make a model of the Amazon Rainforest using any media. They needed to use their knowledge to explain the characteristics of the different layers of the rainforest, and the different plants and animals that have adapted to live there. Students produced some outstanding models overall.


World Book Day March 2021

Pupils at The Marches School celebrated World Book Day by dressing up at home, and virtually entering a competition.

Covid-19 Home Testing


Future Oswestry Group


Yesterday The Marches School hosted the second consultation meeting between three groups of students and representatives from the Futures Oswestry Group who are working on the ‘Masterplan’ for improvements to the town.

The students listened to the latest updates and feedback their thoughts on what the priorities should be. The students engaged brilliantly on a range of topics including: transport, social spaces, retail, housing and crucially, things to do for young people in the town. It was great to see them have some impact that could prove to be really powerful in shaping change.



The Marches School Virtual Fete Winners

Staff & pupils from the Marches School thoroughly enjoyed their Virtual Fete.  Congratulations to Lucy who won the big raffle, and Lily one of the stars, who entered numerous events. 

The Marches School Virtual Fete ~ Looks like Pet


Congratulations to the winners, can you see the resemblance?

The Marches School Virtual Fete ~ Cute Pets


Congratulations to these little cuties for winning the Cute Pet Competition 

The Marches School Virtual Fete ~ Winning Entries

Congratulations to our winners, these are the wonderful entries received for the Virtual Fete – Art, Cooking, Origami and Science competitions

The Marches School Home Cooling


The Marches School Virtual Fete


Wonderful examples of competition entries received.

The Marches School Virtual Fete Prizes


The Marches School Virtual Fete

Cute Pet Competition entries received for The Marches School Virtual Fete

The Marches School Virtual Fete


Look at these little cuties entered into the Cute Pet Competition!

The Marches School ~Science


Fantastic examples of work completed at home by The Marches School pupils in Science.

The Marches School ~French

Year 8 pupils spent time writing their lockdown reflections. 

The Marches School ~Home Learning Art

Beautiful examples of Year 8 exploring Quilling

The Marches School ~Science

Year 10 pupils have been working hard in Science.

Custard Pie your teacher votes...




The Marches School staff and pupils have been busy voting for their favourite teacher to have a custard pie face at the Virtual Fete 

Custard Pie your teacher.........

Next week pupils from the Marches School & Sixth Form have the opportunity to do just that!  The school is holding a Virtual Fete to raise money for their chosen charity Ethos.  This online fundraising event will be based on a traditional village Fete, jam-packed with activities, games and challenges for pupils to try and win fantastic prizes.   

Captain Sir Tom Moore

The Marches School 

We were saddened to hear the passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore a true hero and inspiration to us all  

The Marches School ~ Year 7 Digital Bugs



The Cake Fairy

The Cake Fairy made these delicious cakes for The Marches School Staff


“I am glad you enjoyed the cake you are all working so hard in very difficult circumstances and I just wanted to show my appreciation in a way I could. I used to be a baker and am currently on furlough in my current role at the moment. so I came up with the idea of the cake fairy as a way to relieve the tedium of everyday being the same. I have had previously delivered cake to local people who are currently working full time or have difficulty leaving the house from the circle of people I know and just to cheer people up a bit as well as myself.. One of your pupils designed the badge for me”  The Cake Fairy 


The Marches School ~ Home Learning

Carreghofa Primary School


The Marches School Year 9 Observational Work

The Marches School Virtual Fete

Lockdown Tiles

Have you learnt something new during lockdown?  Here is a collection of tiles created during the Covid -19 Pandemic.

The Marches School ~ Geography

Year 7 Geographers have been busy designing their own Theme Park .

The Marches School ~ Art


Year 8 used new  technologies to create digital outcomes in Art 


The Marches School ~ PE Coordination Challenge

The Marches School ~ Science

Year 8 pupils enjoyed problem solving in Science by designing a PPE outfit.  This wonderful example shows a “Safety Suit for Socialising”

The Marches School ~ Health & Social Care

The Marches School ~ Snowy Walks

There’s snow place like home!  These lovely images capture snowy walks, in the local area.  


Lockdown Planting

Lockdown was the perfect time to get those green thumbs working! Mr A grew roses and a wonderful  selection of herbs and vegetables in his garden, using pots and a raised bed.  

The Marches School ~ Year 7 Geography Lockdown Project

The British Ironwork Centre National Educational "Extinction Trail" for Schools

Did you know that there are over 16,000 animal and plant species in the world that are on the brink of extinction? 


The British Iron Work Centre, National Educational “Extinction Trail” for Schools project is to raise better awareness of the extinction crisis and to highlight the importance of doing what we can to conserve our world’s wildlife, we have created an educational “Extinction Trail” right here at the Ironworks.

This is an ongoing project whereby we intend to create the top 100 most endangered species.  Please our website for further information.





The Marches School ~ Home Learning ~ Yoga

The Marches School Return to Lockdown Competition Winners

Lockdown Climb & Slide Project


Look at this fantastic DIY climbing wall & slide!  Created during lockdown at home in the garden to entertain the children.  Climbing and sliding is so much fun!


The British Ironwork Centre National NHS Support Project

Here at the Ironworks, supporting charities and groups whilst tackling national issues is a huge part of what we do, and we strive to support as many people as we possibly can each year. Conceptualised during the height of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, our National NHS Hospital Support Programme was created as a way to provide hospitals all across the UK with additional support.

With the rainbow now seen as the symbol of the NHS, we wanted to create something that encapsulated this whilst creating maximum public impact – so the NHS Rainbow Sculpture was born. These giant rainbow sculptures have been specifically designed to not only thank our national hospitals for all of their hard work but to also help them to raise crucial funding for their cause.

The Marches School Year 7 Puppet Project

The Marches School Rivers Project

This is a Rivers project with a focus on the River Severn, completed by Evie in Year 8.  She has done a fantastic job looking at the landforms!! Evie shows she is clearly very motivated working at home – well done !! 

Family Fun Planting

During lockdown the weather was favourable and the pace of life much slower!   One local family spent time outdoors, digging borders and planting a variety of shrubs & flowers in their garden to pass time .   


The Marches School Year 10 Geography Home Learning

Lockdown Bake Off

Just another sweet moment in life! 


Beating the boredom in lockdown!


Look at this Coffee & Walnut Sponge and delicious Chocolate and Malteser cake created during lockdown by a first time junior baker!  



The Marches School Postcards for Kindness

During lockdown and whilst back in school pupils have sent postcards to our local care homes and local community. Pupils have been sending their thoughts and experiences of lockdown as well as sending Christmas cards. While it’s a small gesture, the resulting deliveries bring a great deal of joy to the older people who receive them.

Teacher Garden Marathon

Two Shropshire teachers Mr Pritchard, Assistant Associated Head of The Marches School and Mr Deery, Head of PE at The Priory School wanted to inspire their students to keep raising money and stay motivated during lockdown.  They completed a marathon each in their garden using only a six-metre track.  This heroic feat took just under 10 hours to complete and raised over £3000 for Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust.

The Marches School Virtual Sports Day

Sports Day took place at home during the pandemic!  Staff organised events for pupils to take part in.  In our Video Gallery you will see how much fun they had! 

The Marches School Sponsored Walk

At the end of term pupils & staff took part and got active!  They raised an excellent £560 for their chosen charity The Movement Centre by achieving a sponsored walk. 

The Marches School Key Stage 3 Food Home Learning

Throughout lockdown Key Stage 3 pupils continued learning food technology at home.  Look at their fantastic creations! 

The Marches School Year 8 Science Project

Year 8 spent the day in the Science department making model viruses, antibodies and vaccines. They researched how viruses spread and how vaccines work. Some amazing models were made and students were able to show their creativity and team working skills. Each form voted for their favourite model, Max won with a fantastic clay virus.

The Marches School Colour Run 2020

Year 7 first worked with their tutors to reflect on the Lockdown period that disrupted so many lives and left so many pupils feeling a sense of loss – for a love one, missing friends and families or opportunities denied them as they left year 6 and moved up to The Marches. They wrote messages on their white T shirts and both commemorated and celebrated the events of the year by completing the colour run with their classmates. Lots of paint was thrown, pupils laughed and looked forward to the future as life memories were created with new friends.

Carreghofa Primary School

Fantastic examples of work created whilst distance learning