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A collection of images and artwork from students and staff at The Marches School and Oswestry residents

The Marches School Lockdown Project

Why the diaries?

The Marches School is working on a community wide project to collate and share lockdown experiences.

2020 marks a key point in history; for the first time in living memory everything stopped, and families were told to stay in their homes. Normal routines of attending school, meeting people, visiting shops, hugging friends and family couldn’t happen – a situation that has lasted for over four months.

Although there has been some sense of a return to normality in recent weeks, it is without doubt a ‘new normal’ for all; shops, restaurants, care homes, places of worship – all have had to alter the way they operate.

Places of education are no different. The Marches School has adapted to adhere to the new normal and now seeks to connect with and encourage the local community to join with them in creatively reflecting on what COVID 19 has meant to the community of Oswestry and how we can record this for future generations to look back on. The pandemic will form part of history and students will no doubt study what the world is living through now in years to come.

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